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OliaTeam President, Senior, Dean's List Finalist
This is my fourth year as a W.A.R. Lord. I first got involved during my freshman year working on the build team. Since then, I have expanded my role on the team, becoming both a build lead and a Co-President of Business and Outreach. This juxtaposition of experiences has bolstered my leadership, communication, and technical skills, and fostered my love for service. My goals are to help eliminate disparities in education and employment for minorities in STEM, and to attend university to study Civil Engineering.
Ben C.
Ben C.Team President, Senior
2017 is my fourth season with Team 2485. I was first introduced to the team by last year’s co-president who I met the summer before my freshman year. He first sparked my interest in software and, after hearing about the team again from my former physics teacher and computer science teacher, I decided to join. This year, I’m working on team organization, software, and our team’s second annual hackathon, HackToTheFuture.
Ben B.
Ben B.President of Hardware, Senior
This is my fourth year on the team. I have become skilled in CAD, milling, MIG welding, laser cutting and lathe work. The mechanical design, as well as the manufacturing of the robot, are my main areas of work. My role as a human player and now a coach on the competition team have also been great fun. I plan on taking the skills I have learned on the team into a STEM career in my future.
AidanPresident of Hardware, Senior
I’m a senior and this is my third year on the team. I was fascinated by the idea of controlling the way a machine as powerful as one of our robots operated. I plan on a career related either to video games or to aerospace.
AJPresident of Hardware, Junior
The upcoming 2017 season will be my third year on Team 2485. I have always had a passion for building and designing various objects, so I joined my high school’s robotics team Freshman year. My goal is to expand my knowledge and to get people to pursue a career in STEM, while being the first member in my family to graduate high school in the U.S.
CarolinePresident of Business and Outreach, Senior
This is my fourth year on Team 2485, and my third year as the President of Business and Community Outreach. When I first joined the team, I mainly worked on sponsorship and our Chairmans award. Now I am responsible for creating team videos, running outreach events, and much more. I am currently planning on majoring in business with an concentration in marketing.
LiamPresident of Business and Community Outreach, Junior
My name is Liam Fay, and I am a junior. I joined the robotics team the summer of my sophomore year, and I’ve been involved in business and outreach ever since. There’s nothing I love doing at Parker more than robotics, and I’m very excited to work with the business team on chairman’s, building our brand, and interacting with sponsors.
NicholasPresident of Software, Junior
This year will be my third on the team. I had, before joining the team, developed a great interest in computer programming, but robotics and robot programming was an amazing new opportunity I couldn’t turn down. Since joining, I have greatly enjoyed the last two years I’ve spent working on this team, and it’s significantly strengthened my interest in computer science.
JeremyPresident of Software, Junior
2017 is my third year on Team 2485. I joined the team my freshmen year and have mostly been involved in the programming and strategy teams. Since joining the team, I have learned a tremendous amount from the team’s student leaders and mentors, and now seek to pass on what I have learned to the newer members of the team.
TroyPresident of Strategy, Junior
2017 will be the third year of my involvement with the team, and my first as President of Strategy. My main responsibilities include communication between different departments, managing data collection before and during events, strategizing before matches, and selecting alliances. This year we are hoping to integrate strategic thought into all aspects of robot design and gameplay, so I’m excited to see what the future holds.
EllePresident of Strategy, Sophomore
This is my second year on Team 2485. I was inspired to join by several alumni who showed me how much fun it is to create and build. After joining the team however I found another love in the strategy department, where I can put my scheming to good use.
AmandaPresident of Engagement and Recruitment, Sophomore
This is my second year on Team 2485. I joined at the beginning of my freshman year after seeing the the outstanding impact the team has had on the current team members and its influence that extends beyond our school. In addition to working on recruiting and maintaining engagement with new team members, I love programming and am very involved in the software department. My goal is to effectively integrate new members into the team and create a cohesive team dynamic.
JakePresident of Engagement and Recruitment, Sophomore
2017 is going to be my second year on the team, and I just love robots. When I was looking for a high school Francis Parker caught my eye because of its unbelievable robotics team. Once on the team, I was hooked by all of the skills it offers anyone and I was inspired to help mentor other students and encourage their dreams on the team after a senior last year did the same for me. Now as Co-President of the new position of President of Engagement and Recruitment, I am truly dedicated to helping everyone on the team feel the same excitement I did and making sure that everyone enjoys every aspect of the team no matter their interest are, weather it be coding, milling, or awards. My goal for the future is to one day be an advocate for everyone with an interest in STEM careers and to help boost them to achieve that goal.