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Ryan Griggs
Ryan GriggsHead Mentor, Teacher
I’m the Francis Parker Robotics Coordinator and the faculty member responsible for the inception of Team 2485 in 2008. I’m responsible for maintaining and growing Francis Parker Robotics programs, especially those connected to FIRST ® I strive to give all members of our team the opportunity to be exceptional and seek to grow and inspire the next generation of technology leaders. I am blessed to be surrounded by remarkable people.
Tom Wetherald
Tom WetheraldEngineering Mentor
This is my eighth year with the team. I was a nuclear engineer in the Navy. My son was on the W.A.R. Lord’s rookie team and brought me into FIRST ® in the team’s second season. My son has long since gone on to college. This is my opportunity to give something back, but truthfully, I stayed on because this is the coolest thing on the planet. Watching this team improve every year has just been pure joy. In my view, FIRST ® is the most significant thing going on in STEM education in the country today.
Melissa Jordan Fay
Melissa Jordan FayWomen of W.A.R. Lords and Web Design Mentor
As a 28 year veteran of the high tech industry, I’ve had the pleasure of running and selling tech startups as well as working at Microsoft Corporation in the fields of creative technology, product management, strategic marketing and business development. In my second year as a mentor to Team 2485, I am thrilled work as a mentor in media technology and web design/development, as well as a resource for the young women on the team. My company, NewBlueFX, is a proud sponsor of Team2845. Go, W.A.R. Lords!
John Hayes
John HayesEngineering Mentor
As my entire life has revolved around tearing things apart and rebuilding them (30 years of racing cars), it has been a natural progression to pass along the knowledge I have learned from these experiences. Having mentored the W.A.R. Lords for four seasons now, I can’t imagine a more rewarding way to spend time with both my son, and the many team members with whom I spend each season with. As a mechanical engineer, I spend many of my days solving complex problems. Those same types of problems are what these students will also be face with throughout their careers, and I’m sure they will solve these challenges with the talents learned while on this incredible team.
Peter Heifetz, Ph.D.
Peter Heifetz, Ph.D.Engineering Mentor
I have been a WARLords mentor since 2014, and a FIRST ® parent of three Francis Parker graduates (Alec – 2012, Ben – 2012 and Olivia – 2016). My background is in biochemical engineering and genetics and I help out in build, business and strategy. I work in the biotechnology industry where I am founder and CEO at OrPro Therapeutics, Inc, a drug development startup. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, reading about science and technology, watching college basketball, and fishing. Fun fact: I once canoed across the East China Sea.
Anthony Dominguez
Anthony DominguezEngineering Mentor
I am an Energy Applications Engineer with Saint-Gobain Solar Gard where I develop calculation tools and manage joint research projects with universities and central R&D. I have degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Notre Dame and UC San Diego. This is my first year with FIRST ®, and I am loving getting back in touch with my engineering roots!
Srinivasan Balasubramanian
Srinivasan BalasubramanianMentor
I have an electrical engineering, computer science, and mathematics background. I have been working in the telecommunications field as a systems engineer for over 20 years starting with 2G/3G and currently focused on 4G/5G designs. This is my first year as a parent volunteer and hope find a compatible role where I can contribute effectively to Team2845 bringing in my past experiences while learning new tricks. Go, W.A.R. Lords!
Loreen Collins
Loreen CollinsStrategy Mentor
This is my second year as a WARLords mentor. Although I am currently retired, I was a corporate attorney for over 25 years. I have been in-house counsel at Callaway Golf, two biotech companies, an engineering company and a flashlight manufacturer. In my spare time I enjoy leading my college alumni book club, mentoring high school students preparing for college and being president of my local college alumni club. I am excited to work side by side with my son, Troy, who is one of the Presidents of Strategy.
Ari Gass
Ari GassStrategy and Statistics Mentor, Teacher
I am loving every second of my first year with Team 2485. During the day, many of our team members are solving problems in my math class. Standing side-by-side with them as they meet the challenge of this year’s game is an exhilarating experience.
Jennifer Hayes
Jennifer HayesBusiness Mentor
I have been working in the consumer packaged goods industry for over 25 years and am currently the Vice President of Consumer Marketing for Bumble Bee Seafoods, with responsibilities ranging from advertising, consumer promotion, and package design, to new product development and budgetary oversight. I have an undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Colorado and an MBA from UC Irvine. This is my 2nd year as a mentor for 2485, and I help out with business communications and sponsorships.
Marilyn Tobin
Marilyn TobinBusiness Mentor
I have been involved with the team as a parent volunteer for the last three years. This is my second year as a mentor. I am involved helping to brainstorm ideas for fundraising and help with logistics of team travel and general support. Prior to children, I worked in the Operations area of banking. I am actively involved with various volunteer organizations such as Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary, serving as treasurer, as Kids NewsDay Chair and president.
Kathleen Lynagh House
Kathleen Lynagh HouseBusiness Mentor
I am a product designer and a business owner, with a BFA in graphic design. I have worked in several industries: advertising, marketing, environmental design and now jewelry design. When my son entered FP Middle school, they did not have a robotics FLL team. I approached the science and math departments and we created one. After three exciting years of coaching the team, I continued my support of the FIRST ® program as an upper school mentor. This year will be my second year as a mentor.

Team 2485 provides many opportunities for students to design, engineer and make their ideas come to life, I am proud to be a team mentor and believe in supporting the students so they can achieve their dreams.

Tammy Pham
Tammy PhamBuild and Business Mentor
I became a member of Team 2485 during our 2008 rookie season. During my time on the team, I primarily worked on hardware and served as part of the pit crew during competition. My motto at the time was “Epoxy can fix anything!” as evidenced by my lack of jeans-not-covered-in-cured-epoxy. I graduated from Yale with a degree in Cognitive Science and spent a year in pediatric research before returning to San Diego for medical school and, of course, to return to mentor the W.A.R. Lords!