Student Spotlight: Blog Writers

//Student Spotlight: Blog Writers

Student Spotlight: Blog Writers

Upon hearing the term STEM, people do not normally associate it with writing proficiency, however, our team has different departments that allow students skilled in specific areas to apply their outside skills to help the team during build season. Freshman Sahana utilizes her writing skills to help the team publicize their community outreach efforts. Her experience in writing stems from her fascination with stories, leading her to publish her first novel, The Cave of Mystic Dreams, in a fantasy fiction trilogy at the age of 12. She has already published the second book, The Rain of Blood, and is planning to publish her third book later this year.

Sophomore Liam, one of the W.A.R Lords Chairman’s producers, derives his writing skills from his enjoyment of taking creative writing during school. The different writing styles practiced in the class allowed for Liam to take this skill and put it to use in the writing of the Chairman’s video script. Liam has used his expressive writing style working in the business department of the team, allowing him to effectively spread the message about FIRST and STEM.

Sophomore Breanna juggles being a W.A.R. Lord with to being a section editor for Francis Parker’s award-winning school magazine, The Scribe. Breanna uses her two years of experience writing journalistic pieces to craft intelligent and convincing blog posts and awards submissions. While robotics and Scribe are both very time consuming and require dedication, Breanna has managed to give her complete commitment to both.