Ask Nicholas—Blog 2

//Ask Nicholas—Blog 2

Ask Nicholas—Blog 2

Nicholas is a co-president of software on our team and is known for giving the best-worst advice.

As a part of the We Are blog series, Nicholas is creating an advice column that he will use to answer any of your questions and give anyone who submits his advice. In addition to advice, each segment will include original artwork by Nicholas (not for sale).

If you would like your questions to be answered in the next installment of “Ask Nicholas”, please submit here. Enjoy!*


Q1: Aidan B. asks, how code?

Nicholas: How code? Face. Keyboard. Yell. Angry.


Q2: Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

Nicholas: The chicken or the egg… oooh.. I think when I was young my parents fed me eggs before chicken. I think that’s generally recommended with most children.

Anonymous bystander: You also got the right answer because there were animals who laid eggs before there were chickens.

Nicholas: Yeah, well, I think that’s pretty irrelevant to this question. I think the clear intent was what my parents fed me first, or anyone for example, and I think my parents fed me eggs in some form before they fed me chicken. So I’m going to go for the egg.


Q3: Am I allowed to ask myself questions? -Nicholas

Nicholas: I don’t know, am I? That was my question.


Q4: Do you sing in the shower?

Answer: Oooh… It depends on what you classify as like singing… Sometimes I pull out my sheet music and start to compose, but no singing.


Q5: Any last words? Advice?

Answer: If it ain’t broke, break it.


*The W.A.R. Lords are not responsible for any consequences that result from taking this advice