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We Are MUN Members

This is my first year with MUN, but I already feel welcomed at the meetings and conferences I have attended. I first heard about MUN at the Francis Parker clubs’ fair, but I didn’t think it sounded that interesting. I joined after accidentally going to one of the meetings, and have had an amazing amount of fun.

On April 1st, I went to my first conference at Bishops. I went in a suit and felt both overdressed and underprepared. My worries were unwarranted, though, because I learned that not only was everyone overdressed but that others were as nervous as I was. All of the people there, from Parker and other schools, were extremely welcoming towards me. I wasn’t sure how to write a position paper, but luckily those around me were happy to teach me. Even at the beginning of the conference, the delegate of China wrote a note congratulating me on my short speech, the aspect of the conference I was most nervous about.

I felt like I belonged; it felt like another family I could join in addition to the W.A.R. Lords. It was another community that would broaden knowledge of current events, while also meeting people I otherwise would have never known. It has already helped me speak more confidently in front of others about my ideas, and to fail fearlessly. I plan to continue attending these conferences, as well as meeting all these interesting people.

To me, robotics is more than a team — it’s a family. And the team itself is more than a group of people who do robotics; while we all share an interest for robotics, we also pursue our own unique passions and hobbies, and for me, one of those is MUN.


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