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We Are Athletes

We are Alex Goskowicz and AJ Nawrocki and we are athletes, students, friends, and members of FRC team 2485.

AG: I, Alex Goskowicz, am a senior.

AN: And I, AJ Nawrocki, am a junior. Before joining our high school robotics team, we had no clue each other existed, or that we have so much in common. We both are Polish, enjoy playing volleyball, and share a passion for building robots.

AG: We are on the varsity volleyball team together, coached by John “The Legend” Herman. Our team is in the CIF Open Division, placing us with the top teams in the county.

AN: The build season started around the same time as volleyball season, so we really haven’t been able to get rid of each other. Even though I am a year younger than Alex, I am still his “big”. Alex joined the robotics team junior year, while I joined freshman year. Our team has a system of “bigs” and “littles” which we use to partner up veteran members with rookie ones.

AG: This system is used so rookie members have someone to turn to or ask questions about the complex inner workings of a robotics team. This year, AJ is the President of Build and pit lead, while I am a Safety Officer and human player. We both have worked closely with the robot throughout the season, spending hundreds of hours in the shop to get it ready for Champs this next week.