2017 World Championship Recap

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2017 World Championship Recap

On April 19-22, Team 2485 attended the 2017 FRC World Championship in Houston, Texas. We are incredibly proud to have received the Gracious Professionalism Award, which “celebrates outstanding demonstration of FIRST® Core Values such as continuous Gracious Professionalism® working together both on and off the playing field”. This was in a large part due to our commitment to personally helping as many teams at the competition as possible. We were also honored to receive the hard hat safety award. Our team also had the honor of competing for the Chairman’s award for the first time ever at the World Championship.

We competed in the Roebling division ending ranked 47th after the 110 qualification matches. Our improved climber from the Las Vegas regional led our robot to successfully climb every time at Champs and our drivers cycled gears with considerable skill and ease.

Thanks to these improvements,  we were the third pick of the 4th alliance led by Team 1574, MisCar, all the way from Israel! Our alliance successfully won our first quarter final match. Our second quarter final match was narrowly lost by a mere 2 points. The final match was lost when 1574 was disabled near the end of the match so they were unable to climb. Though we did not advance past the quarterfinals, we are still very humbled to have been able to play on the championship stage.

Our team also presented The Secret to a Better Robot, our improv-based team-building workshop, to almost a 100 FIRSTers at the championship. The Secret is one of the three workshops in our OrionEd series, a program created this year to facilitate the spread of the FIRST mission.

As the school year winds down, we’ve been able to reflect upon this season. We are very pleased with our performance at the championships as well as at the San Diego and Las Vegas Regionals. We received three awards that we have never won before, a testament to how our team is always growing and learning. All of our successes this season are thanks to the continuous support of our sponsors.