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We Are Artists

I am mainly a science person, but I still love art. Whether it’s a small doodle in the corner of my notebook, or singing in my room to help me concentrate on my homework, or even wandering around town trying to take photos of people with my black and white film camera, I love art.

I started singing lessons in 6th grade. I wasn’t very good, and I’m still not, but I loved to sing and I wanted to be better at it. I improved a lot from the almost tone-deaf child I was at first, but I could never sing in front of people: the stage fright scared me into silence. Instead, I would sing while cleaning up my room or doing my homework. I eventually started singing in front of close friends and family, but could still never bring myself to sing when anyone was focused on me, and I accepted it. I may not be a professional singer, but I’m still doing what I love, even if it doesn’t affect anyone but me.

I also have a habit of drawing during classes. It doesn’t have to be anything in particular, but most of my notebooks have at least some small pictures in the margins. Sometimes, like in history, I’ll draw miny cartoons about what we’re learning about. Not only do these drawing make my notes look more interesting, but they also help me focus in class and remember the facts easier.

Although I like drawing and singing, I don’t like art class. Last year, I thought I would never have to take art again, and I was ecstatic. I thought nobody would be able to control what I drew ever again. I loved to be able to choose to draw what I wanted in the style I wanted, even though I had less time to do it. When I came to Parker, I was told I had to take two more years of art. At first I was annoyed: I would much rather take another science or programming class. I thought that although photo is cool, it would mainly be a waste of time. However, after a few lessons I realized that I actually had the freedom to take pictures of what I wanted, and since then it has become one of my favorite classes.

Although I am more often found in front of a computer than with a paintbrush in hand, art and music are still a key part of who I am as a person.