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We Are Birders

Almost two years ago, I started bird watching by accident, because I had a school project in which I needed to take photos of fifteen species of different families of birds. I found the project very exciting; bird watching soon became a hobby that almost immediately turned into an obsession.

As Director of Media for Team 2485, taking photographs is  one of my favorite pastimes. Bird watching only increased my love for photography. Ever since I have started bird watching, I have been taking photos of the birds I see. This has resulted in me photographing around ninety percent of the species that I’ve seen. I take these photos both for my own records, but at the same time and to feel more connected to the individual bird. I sometimes notice a field mark that I have never seen before, or  find out that it was a completely different species than what I thought it was in the field. This unpredictability is a large part of  what makes bird watching so interesting.

I even entered the American Birding Association’s Young Birder contest last year for photography. Through my passion of birding, I have also been able to hone my skills of capturing the all elusive, decisive moment that all photographers, birders and FIRSTers alike strive for.

Drew Beamer