Week 1

Week 1

We had a very exciting first week of build season. After brainstorming the winning strategy at kickoff we began prototyping, just one day later. We began strategizing prototypes for major mechanisms and a drive base, which the design team worked diligently to CAD, enabling us to begin week two with drawing files in hand for revisions.

Thanks to the hard work of our members, we created prototypes for both the drivetrain and the mechanism to pick up the power cubes, and both are working as hoped. Nothing is more exciting than watching as the prototyped design picked up a power cube for the first time! By finding faults through rigorous testing we were able to refine our prototypes, with each new prototype an improvement on the last.

New members also gained their first build season experience as they made progress toward finishing the field elements, as well as helping build prototypes.

In the next week we hope to continue work on our drive base. Overall, a very successful first week. Go W.A.R. Lords!