Week 3

Week 3

Wow, the W.A.R. Lords have been busy this week! All of week 3 we have been constantly working in CAD and ensuring that our design is in tip-top condition and prepared for machining. Speaking of machining, we have had our lathe, manual mill, and CNC mill constantly, filling the floor with metal chips, as the build department has worked efficiently. The robot looks more completed every day!

Our strategy team has been working to ensure that we are prepared for any game play that our alliance (or opposing teams) propose. They also made plans to reach out to rookie teams to create scouting alliances for the San Diego Regionals, and continued to work on the scouting form, making sure it’s easy to use for any scout, no matter their training. If you would like to join the scouting alliance, Click Here.

Software has begun coding teleop code for the drive base to ensure that once the robot is assembled we can begin our drive team practice, although drive team is currently practising with last season’s robot, Kamehameha.

This build season has been incredibly enjoyable, and our team has become much closer, with multiple departments sharing both meeting space and ideas. Be on the lookout for our week 4 blog, as well as what the W.A.R. Lords are doing in the FIRST world!