Week 4

Week 4

The W.A.R. Lords have had quite the week! CAD has been working incredibly hard to make things more specific, remaking designs and finalizing structures. Build has been working extremely hard to keep up with them, with the machines running whenever the shop is open!

Strategy has been reaching out to teams to help with scouting alliances through email and already have teams agreeing to participate in the alliance. They’ve also been working on the server and general scouting system, so scouting can be easy to use regardless of training. Finally, Strategy has been creating a betting system to cheer scouts up during matches.

Software has started teleop, allowing the drive team to practice with the completed robot as soon as it’s finished! Current drive team practice currently happening, though, driving (and fixing some minor bugs) with the previous season’s robot, Kamehameha.

Finally, Business and Outreach is working on Chairman’s. They submitted the Essay, and are currently working on the presentation itself, as well as pamphlets for the judges. Website is currently less busy, with all of its members helping other departments create the best robot we can create.

Build season is going by in a flash! Every step of the way is fantastic, with each department making strides. Get ready for the week 5 blog to get the next inside look at what the W.A.R. Lords are up to!