Week 5

Week 5

Week 5 has been hectic! It was all hands on deck to try as the end of build season is just around the corner. Thanks to Build’s hard work, the prototype robot is now able to accomplish all the tasks we wanted it to we had hoped it would.

Five teams have joined the official Scouting Alliance and we have created a slack channel for it to ensure that we all stay connected. Right now, Strategy is just sorting out the last few bugs in the Scouting Form, including the betting system.

Software has been creating cheesecake code for other teams, as well as improving our autonomous and teleop code using the practise robot. They have also been improving our vision processing, which we hope will improve our autonomous.

Business and Outreach has been working on the Chairman’s presentation, focusing on the question section. They have also been creating different booklets for the judges to see in the it. Finally, because we have officially chosen the name for our robot, a name logo has been designed.

Build season is whizzing by, and with only a few days left Team 2485 has never been busier! Stay tuned for the Week 6 blog!