Bag And Tag

//Bag And Tag

Bag And Tag

The last week of build season was one of intensity. The build department worked day and night to complete robot. As the team prepared for Bag and Tag night, our mentors and students worked tirelessly to make the best robot we could.

Around forty parents, mentors, and students were present for bag and tag. The shop was full the last night of the build season. With the time ticking, people raced around the shop, still tinkering and building.

At nine o’clock, the graduating seniors bagged our robot, which will remain untouched till the San Diego Regional. After a round of team pictures, the team celebrated with mini bundt cakes and martinelli’s, continuing the traditions of the past.

While the build department finished their job, the rest of the departments still have much programming to do. The Business Department continues to practice for Chairman’s and Software and Strategy are creating code for our robot, as well as teaching the scouts how to use our scouting form. The drive team has much practice to do with our practice robot.

We look forward to our robot’s success at the San Diego and Las Vegas Regional! Stay tuned for our reveal video!