2018 San Diego Recap

//2018 San Diego Recap

2018 San Diego Recap

We have attended the San Diego Regional for the past 11 years. This year we won our first blue banner at our home regional. By winning Chairman’s at San Diego, we not only qualify to compete at Championships, but we can demonstrated to other teams the perfect road to travel, so they can change their community and change the FIRST community.

Team 2485 had an excellent performance with Neo as well. Our drive team managed to work together with other alliance members to win 6 of our qualification matches, and land us the 10th seed. We got selected by the 3rd seed team, forming a powerful alliance.

Even though we formed an amazing alliance, we were not able to defeat the boss, and were eliminated.

It was amazing to see how effortlessly our scouting and strategy team worked, especially the elaborate and cohesive scouting alliance with two other teams. It was amazing to watch our pit not only assist so many teams at this regional, but also how well they could communicate what needed to be fixed on the robot.

All I know for sure is that any teams competing in Houston Championships should watch out for our Chairman’s team and Neo out on the field.