Week 1

Week 1

Us W.A.R. Lords have been working tirelessly for the past week on pieces for our drive train with the CNC mill, lathe and more. Great job Dylan for the CAM and CNC work! This week we had lots of success in prototyping mechanisms that can maneuver the hatches and cargo- shoutout to our awesome student-lead Design team! Our Build department is hard at work creating and assembling pieces for our 2019 Destination: Deep Space robot!

Business and Outreach has also been taking strides with Design and Build. Chairman’s has developed an exciting script that we can’t wait to present to all of you and WOW, our women in STEM program, has been seeing exciting participation from our 7 chapters globally.  We are thrilled to continue working with teams 16, 1538, 4984, 1189, 2096 and 3374 towards our goal of empowering women in STEM.

Last but not least, Software has been exploring all of the possibilities that come with the new Sandstorm period and Strategy has been putting their brains to work on this game as they start designing our Deep Space Scouting form.

Good luck FRC in the next four weeks of build season!