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What is FIRST ®?

FIRST  (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is an organization founded in 1989 that is guided by the philosophy of cooperative competition. A primary goal of FIRST is to build upon itself, encouraging STEM education and participation starting at age six.

The FRC Challenge

FIRST  Robotics Competition (FRC) is made up of 68,000 high school students on 2,720 teams, which are located internationally in countries including Canada, Israel, China, Mexico, Brazil and the United States. The objective of FRC is for teams to build a robot in six weeks that can function both in autonomous mode and through student control in order accomplish game-specific objectives. The robot then competes at regional events among other teams for an opportunity to advance to the World Championship. The regional championship winners move forward to the World Championships In addition, some specific awards given to teams will result in the award-receiving team to have a spot at the Championships. Students learn a wide range of skills through their FIRST and FRC experiences, ranging from STEM-related topics to leadership and communication skills. Together, these abilities are vital in preparing FIRST students and alumni for STEM-related careers.

How Can You Get Involved?

FIRST has an extensive page describing the ways you can get involved here. If you would like to help start a FIRST team, email us at; we’d love to assist you! If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, learn more here.