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Help Girls Gain The Confidence To Continue In STEM

How to be a STEMinist is a free programed aimed at building young female’s confidence inside the STEM field, teaching girls that it is okay to fail, by showing them professionals who have done so themselves.

Learn The Why

Girls will learn and explore the reasons that lead to the stereotypes around women in STEM today.

Be Confident

Girls are not as active in STEM not because a lack of ability, but out of a lack of confidence and not wanting to be wrong. We show them that it is okay to go out on a limb.

Hear It From Professionals

Whether it be in person, or part of our video materials, girls will hear the stories of women in the industry and how their failures have lead to their success.

Format: Presentation. Length: 1-2 hours (as requested). ​Audience: Grades 6 – 8.