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Updated: Apr 7, 2020


Team 2485 had one of its most successful runs yet at this year's Del

Mar Regional. Our countless hours of work leading up to the event finally paid off, as were able to make a phenomenal comeback from being in the bottom half in rankings after qualification matches to carrying our alliance into the regional finals. While we're devastated that we didn't get another opportunity to showcase our robot, we remain grateful for the amazing experience we had here as a team.



After a rough day of software malfunctions during the practice matches,

our team came in determined to make the robot function as smoothly as possible for our first match. Although a slew of minor mishaps kept us from winning a majority of our matches, we felt much more confident with both the mechanical and software aspects of our robot by the end of the day. Our strategy and business teams were hard at work as well in the stands and the pit.



Teams 5851 and 5199 chose the W.A.R. Lords to join their alliance, which we were beyond excited to be a part of. Our robot was close to full functionality during every match after this point, which allowed our alliance to move forward to the finals for the first time since 2014!



The final few matches were heated, as we each match we played was incredibly close in scores from both alliances. After being tied at 1-1, we sadly lost the last match by a single point. Although we were disappointed about the results, we were also just as surprised and overjoyed that we had made it this far at the regional.



Our Chairman's team at this regional did an amazing job representing the entire team in the judges room and the pit. This year, we put a great emphasis on documenting everything we did throughout the season, which will allow us to be more organized and efficient in future years. We also made a Chairman's Resource Packet with Hall of Fame Team 1902, which is now published on our website.



We were fortunate to be awarded the Gracious Professionalism Award at this regional. Our team recognizes the value in respecting everyone we meet and learning from them, so we strive to display coopertition at every event. We were honored to be recognized for our efforts.

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