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Last weekend, the W.A.R.Lords attended our first of two regionals of the 2022 Rapid React© season at the San Diego Regional presented by Qualcomm. Team 2485 was incredibly excited to participate in our first official competition since 2020!


The W.A.R.Lords were off to a tough start during the first few qualification matches, we found ourselves in the bottom half of the field. However, after modifications to our shooter we managed to win our next 3 matches which brought us into the top 20 teams. After winning our final qualifying match, we went into alliance selection as rank #16.


In the 8th alliance, Team 2543, TitanBot from Eastlake High School, selected the W.A.R.Lords into their alliance, an offer we proudly accepted. We were joined for the second time by Team 5851, the Striking Vikings from Downey High School.


After some technical difficulties and the loss of our intake in the second quarterfinal, our alliance was defeated by the 1st alliance, who would go on to win the competition.

Photo: Sabrina(foreground) of our drive team gets ready for our playoff match


Our Chairman’s team did an awesome job presenting, and also were a major help answering questions in the pit. While we did not win Chairman’s at this regional, we hope some modifications can give us a good chance at the Central Valley Regional next weekend.


Team 2485 is proud to have won two awards at the San Diego Regional, including the Creativity Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation for our unique and efficient climber. We would like to give a special shoutout to Drey for winning the FIRST Dean's List Finalist Award, we are so proud of you!


With our second regional in Fresno next weekend, the W.A.R.Lords are back at work improving Maverick for our next competition to be even better, with changes being made to the shooter and drive mechanism to be as competitive as possible.

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