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OrionLIVE with The Rock Academy

This past Thursday, the W.A.R. Lords hosted our third virtual OrionLIVE program with the 3rd grade class at The Rock Academy in San Diego. We kicked off the morning with a brief introduction of the team and followed with a presentation on pneumatic design called A Bunch of Hot Air by Build and Design Department Head Izzy Polsfuss. The kids discussed compression and the system of tubing that extends or retracts a piston. Putting their learning skills to the test, Izzy asked them to see how compressors, air tanks, regulators, air cylinders, and solenoids worked together. Then, Director of Public Relations Vivian Benishek led a Loco for Logos workshop that focused on logo creation and why they are designed with such specific purpose. These bright and creative students then drew the Walmart, Adidas and 7-Eleven logos straight from memory and did a phenomenal job. They even recreated the W.A.R. Lords’ logo and rocked it!

As a final surprise, each student received a personalized Golden Yellow and Black goodie bag that included pop sockets, stickers, buttons and notepads. They were also given one DIY electric motor robot kit, such as single-engine biplanes and crawling reptile robots, each their own set of building instructions. It was definitely a memorable day made possible by the support and contributions of our amazing seniors, and we look forward to furthering the OrionLIVE program throughout the summer.

To request a fully customized OrionLIVE virtual presentation or OrionED: Hands On Robotics in-person presentation, please contact us here.

Written by Vivian Benishek and Luca Bonanno

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