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Pre-Season Recap (2021 - 22)

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

It’s been a busy season for Team 2485 this fall. As the training season nears an end, we are so excited to finally enter an in-person competition season again. But first, let’s dive into a debrief of what happened this fall.

Our student leaders have been busy during the fall training our 40+ new recruits. Finally back fully in-person, we were also delighted to host our annual team-wide overnight. From department activities to an elaborate murder mystery scavenger hunt, everyone learned essential robotics skills and strengthened inter-grade bonds.

Alongside Teams 5025 and 1538, we organized and participated in Battle At The Border, the largest off-season FRC competition in Southern California. While being a part of the winning alliance was gratifying, the opportunity to experience an in-person competition after a year and a half was even more rewarding. Another in-person event returning this fall was our WOW Shop Night, a girls-only Shop 102 where senior team members passed down knowledge of machines and tools to underclassmen.

We hosted our first two OrionEds of the year, interactive STEM outreach events for elementary school students! We guided them through making lava lamps and introduced them to robotics and different aspects of STEM fields.

Additionally, our team was able to expand our shop spaces, giving us more room to build our robot this season! We connected with new sponsors, trainings continued, and multiple students were able to fully qualify on different tools, furthering our preparation for this build season.

Lastly, we cooperated with Team 3390 from Turkey in their international series to aid their development of a successful Chairman’s program. We look forward to collaborating with them further in the coming months!

As we return from Winter Break, the W.A.R. Lords are eagerly anticipating the upcoming FIRST season in 2022. It’s been 2 years since a new game has been announced, and we are so excited about kickoff and the hard fun that follows. See you all next season!

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1 Comment

Jan 11, 2022

So proud of how much this team has done! Sending love from Poland <3

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