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Department Updates:

This week, after review from others and focused proofreading, the Business and Outreach department finished and submitted our Chairman’s essay and supplementals. To continue our work on Chairman’s, we completed a large portion of our script for the presentation. Additionally, we interviewed several W.A.R. Lords alumni about their experience on the team as a part of our Chairman’s video production. We look to make serious progress on finalizing our Chairman’s presentation script as well as completing videography for the Chairman’s video in the upcoming week.

The Software department has been hard at work this past week and will provide a thorough update in our Week 5 blog post.

As advancements have been made toward a complete robot, the Build department has made immense progress testing ideas during prototyping. With the guidance of our mentors, as well as more experienced students, the rookies have been immersed in the intriguing process of our shop and understanding the workflow. The early goals that have been set and achieved, included an effective intake as well as a method to accurately launch the balls into the target with an estimated shooting time cycle. It has been concluded that the robot will be on a six wheel drive, with multiple neo motors. Using this motor type will be a new approach for our team, seeing as it was released early last year. The intake started with two options that would create different alignment for the balls on their path to the magazine. The option that was proven to be most effective used omni and mecanum wheels that were able to center the ball. As we move out of the prototype phase, the challenges this may present include situations causing the balls to get stuck against each other. A large focus was put onto the magazine this past week. Ensuring the correct tension has been a key component in a fully functioning magazine. Machining on the router as well as the CNC has been smooth sailing and will continue to pick up pace in the weeks following. The experience in the shop while these are being made, is always positive as well as encouraging. There always seems to be a good song playing to cancel out the sound of our various machines.

The Design department has been moving towards releasing all the CAD for the robot. This consists of complete instructions as well as exact calculations for different parts. Many of these instructions have been passed on to the build department to be made. As issues arise within some of the CAD, our student leaders are able to effectively address them down to the hundreths of measurements. Changes are made daily to assure that the objective of the robot will be made as mechanically smooth as possible.

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