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Department Updates:

Our Business and Outreach department made significant progress in the Chairman’s area during Week 3. First, we finalized our Chairman’s Award essay and supplementals, as well as completing graphic design for much of our 2020 merchandise. Additionally, we worked on our Chairman’s video and presentation scripts, as it became the main focus of our department this week. We look forward to beginning Chairman’s presentation rehearsals and beginning work in collecting clips for our Chairman’s video and robot reveal.

The Software department was able to keep the momentum going into a successful third week of the build season. Within the control systems subdepartment, our vision tracking system continued to be developed and tested, intending to continue working more advanced vision tracking structures. Our localization team made great strides in beginning to structure some code and will continue throughout the next week working to find the position of our shooter relative to the field. Auto paths have faced some troubleshooting issues with WPILib trajectory generation, but some basic test paths are nearing completion. The robot code subdepartment has done extensive work developing WARLordsLib creating wrappers and other useful tools for the season. They have also continued working out the logic for some of our subsystems and have sent it to controls to create system diagrams. Finally, our electrical subdepartment wired the competition drive base, taking time to ensure that the wiring is identical to the practice bot, as well as being as neat and tidy as possible to ensure the longevity of our electronic systems. We are looking forward to great work throughout week 4!

Our Build and Design department will update the blog for this upcoming week, as they have been hard at work on finalizing robot design and beginning part production.

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