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Department Updates:

Week 2 of build season constituted a major success for the Business and Outreach department. We completed our Chairman’s Award essay and supplement drafts, as well as getting a jump start on presentation and video planning, with our Chairman’s team already hard at work scriptwriting. Also, our department led our team in choosing the name of our 13th robot, though the name will be revealed at the end of build season. In addition to updating information on our website about team history and sponsorship, we contacted W.A.R. Lords alumni to gauge interest on their involvement of our team again.

The Software department continued their hard work throughout the second week of the build season. We continued utilizing our three-subdepartment structure to divide and conquer our projects for the week. The control systems subdepartment made significant advances in the vision target seeking system with a Limelight. Our goal now is to test vision pipelines using other frameworks, such as Chameleon. The math for localization has been completed and we are awaiting testing to see if the system will work. Work on our autonomous paths has also been coming along steadily, with a few paths already written and preparation to characterize the robot drive bases in the next week. The robot code subdepartment has begun to write out the logic for some prototyped subsystems, as well as continued working on using a Raspberry Pi for vision processing. In our own WarlordsLib, SparkMax PID, and Talon PIDs have been implemented and are awaiting testing. Finally, the electrical subdepartment wired the practice drive base, and it is now up and running to be tested. Major strides have been made this week in the Software department, and we hope to carry this momentum forward to continue allowing new code and ideas to come into fruition.

Our Build and Design department was busy this past week finalizing robot design and will be updating the blog after Week 3...

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