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Hint: The Stronger The Team, The Stronger The Robot

The Secret to a Better Robot is an exciting and impactful improv-based team-building workshop where team members learn how to succeed as a unit and learn from failure. Taught by experienced improvisers and FIRSTers, this 100% free, one of a kind workshop will have your team laughing, learning and leaning in. The first of its kind and based on the teachings of Stanford Professor Dan M. Klein and short-form improv, The Secret to a Better Robot is especially designed for FRC and FTC teams and will quickly become an annual must-have for your team.

Strengthen Team Dynamics

A team that can work well together is a team that performs well together. The Secret to a Better Robot will teach you how to do this.

Support, Listen And Even Fail

The Secret to a Better Robot is structured around three ideas: providing constructive support, learning how to listen, and allowing ourselves to fail and learn from it.

Laugh While You Learn

At the end of each workshop, you and your team will come together to put on a hilarious (we promise!) improv show.

Format: Interactive workshop. Length: 1-2 hours (as requested).  ​Audience: High School FRC and FTC teams.