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Women of the World (W.O.W.)
Frequently Asked Questions






What is W.O.W.?

W.O.W. is a unique program directed by female FIRST team members who shape the discussions on topics pertaining women’s issues today. W.O.W. brings awareness to these topics and develops action plans for bettering the world around us.

Why W.O.W.?

Is your team lacking female presence? Are the women on your team not able to fully engage? With the incorporation of a W.O.W chapter, your FRC team will gain a more inclusive, effective, and innovative environment that is conducive to success.

Who is funding it?

As of 2017, W.O.W. is funded by Qualcomm so that we can further our message of inclusivity and empowerment. Each chapter will receive a matching grant of $500 per season and is expected to match that $500 to demonstrate commitment to the program.

What does a W.O.W. Chapter entail?

Each W.O.W. Chapter provides their team with two major components: the W.O.W. Lunch Series and the digital communications channel. The W.O.W. Lunch Series is comprised of three meetings: Round Table discussions, Top-Hat discussions, and ‘Fail Fearlessly’, while the digital communications channel serves to be an outlet for discussion as well as a place to post interesting articles, opportunities, scholarships, internships, etc.

How much involvement is needed on each component of W.O.W.?

Each component of W.O.W. should have at least one Student Lead. At least one adult mentor should be overseeing and supporting the entirety of W.O.W. For example, on the W.A.R. Lords’ founding W.O.W. chapter, there is a Director of W.O.W. (Kira Hirsch, khirsch2019@francisparker.org) who oversees all of the sectors. There is also a director of the W.O.W. Lunch Series as well as a director of the digital communications channel. For job descriptions, please see the W.O.W. Expectations and Guidelines.

Who can I contact with questions concerning W.O.W.?

For Chapter related questions please contact:

Kira Hirsch (khirsch2019@francisparker.org)

2017-18 Season Director of W.O.W. 2485 (the founding chapter)

For team related questions:

Ryan Griggs (rgriggs@francisparker.org)

Head Mentor on the W.A.R. Lords


What composes the W.O.W. lunch series?

W.O.W. Lunch Series is composed of three types of meetings: roundtable discussion, top-hat discussion as well as ‘Fail Fearlessly’ meetings. Round table discussions are specifically to talk about build season issues/aspects of the team that can be improved upon. Top Hats discussions  are wear students put questions or thoughts on paper, fold it and put it in a hat. Then the moderator chooses one and the group discusses. For ‘Fail Fearlessly’,  our speakers are prominent women in STEM who join us to discuss their failures and experiences in the professional world.

For the ‘Fail Fearlessly’ lunches, what would be the new chapters’ responsibilities? Finding a meeting space? Lining up guest speakers? Providing food?

‘Fail Fearlessly’ lunches involve finding a meeting space, lining up the guest speakers, ordering the food for the group (these costs are covered by your new W.O.W. chapter’s grant) and generating student involvement and participation in them. For example, on the W.A.R. Lords W.O.W. chapter, we have a student dedicated to organizing these lunches.

Who are the speakers for ‘Fail Fearlessly’?

Prominent women in STEM speak about their experiences and failures in STEM and industry. For example, speakers at the W.A.R. Lords W.O.W. chapter include Elizabeth Korkuch and Zenka Sellinger, Senior Engineers in the Initial Design & Naval Architecture group at NASSCO. We will provide you with recommendations and guidelines based on our experience to help you organize these meetings.

How long are the W.O.W. lunches?

W.O.W. lunches are 30-60 minutes long depending on the time available. For example, at Francis Parker, the home of the W.A.R. Lords W.O.W. chapter, lunch is a 35 minute period so ‘Fail Fearlessly’ lasts about 30 minutes.

How often do they occur?

W.O.W. Lunch Series meetings take place monthly during the school year. Last year, the W.A.R. Lords’ W.O.W. chapter hosted 6 lunches. We did not have events  in December or May, as those are both busy months of our students. W.O.W. lunches should still take place during FIRST Build Season so that students can discuss concerns and ideas pertaining to that time.

Does this have to take place during lunch?

The W.O.W. Lunch Series does not have to take place during lunch. On the W.A.R. Lords, we have found it helpful to host these during lunch as our students are very busy. If lunch is not available in your team’s schedule, you will be expected to host the series at a time convenient for your team. Dinners, evenings and weekends are potential alternatives.

Who is allowed to come to the W.O.W. Lunch Series?

Only W.O.W. members are allowed to attend the Round Table and Top-Hat lunches, however, all students on and off of your FIRST team are invited to attend the ‘Fail Fearlessly’ lunches. The women who come in to speak for this series are inspiring and provide advice that pertains to most people. For this reason, ‘Fail Fearlessly’ is open to everyone. The goal of W.O.W. is to create an environment where discussing women’s issues in STEM is comfortable for all genders to take part in.


What does participation in the W.O.W. digital communications channel entail?

W.O.W.’s Founding Chapter will provide you with a communication channel such as LinkedIn or Slack and will moderate the channel, as well. W.O.W. chapters will be connected on this communication channel.

Do the members moderate a forum?

In addition to the content we provide, we ask that you designate a moderator/content contributor, as well. Posts of interesting articles, opportunities, scholarships, internships, etc. typically occur once per week. Our goal is to create a community of discussion, resources and ideas together.

Are we required to post every so often?

All members of the W.O.W. chapters are encouraged to add to the discussions occurring in the channel by sharing their thoughts on the topics at hand.


Who is responsible for the W.O.W. Advisory Board meetings?

Participating on the Advisory Board is the responsibility of the mentor and the student in charge of developing the chapter, also known as the Director of W.O.W. At these meetings, the other members would not be expected to participate as it is focused on the creation of an action plan for the upcoming seasons. Throughout the course of the year, members could brainstorm possible content, themes, and changes that the Director of W.O.W. could present during the advisory board meeting.

What does the Advisory Board entail/what is its goal?

The goal of the Advisory Board is to communicate ideas and concerns regarding the growth of W.O.W. among all of the W.O.W. chapters.

When does the Advisory Board meet?

We expect these meetings to occur 2-3 times a year, with 1 in person (if possible) and the remaining over Skype or similar teleconferencing tool.

How long are the Advisory Board meetings?

We expect these meetings to last between 60-90 minutes.