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Is your team lacking female presence? Are the women on your team not able to fully engage? With the incorporation of a W.O.W chapter, your FRC team will gain a more inclusive, effective, and innovative environment that is conducive to success!

What We Do…

Inspire young people to pursue STEM by connecting them with successful women in industry through the ‘Fail Fearlessly’ component of the W.O.W. Lunch Series

Educate your members through a digital communication forum which pairs Slack and LinkedIn

Motivate the young women of your team to become more passionate and confident about STEM

Success and Benefits

Team 2485 formed W.O.W. five years ago. Since then, we have seen these measurable successes:

  • Overall team membership has grown from 35 members to 83 members
  • Female membership went from 8 to 33 members
  • 6 female presidents in our 11 year history
  • 93% graduates to major in STEM
  • Girls have participated more and are engaged in more technical roles

Benefits of having a chapter:

  • Help women be more active on the teams
  • Help women engage in more technical roles, not just “feminine” roles like spirit
  • Increase retention of women on robotics teams
  • Help teams be more effective through more participation
  • Increase innovation through more diverse team participation

New Chapter Activities

  • “Fail Fearlessly” Lunch Series
  • Digital Communications Channel

Chapter Goals

  • Establish a way to communicate with their female FIRST team members
  • Encourage girls to share what’s working and what’s not working on their team and solve problems together
  • Encourage girls to support each other and pursue their interests
  • Empower girls to work closely with mentors

Structure of The W.O.W. Organization

  • Lead mentors support the chapter whether they are female or not
  • Advisory Board

This is what you will get:

  • Guidelines for creating your own W.O.W chapter
  • Suggested activities to empower the girls and help your whole team be more successful
  • Expert support from us to answer questions and help you succeed
  • Access to inspirational speakers to generate interest and participation on your team.