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While the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a good chunk of our competition season away from us, the members of Team 2485 have been making the most of the current situation. Here is what each department has been up to over the course of the past few weeks!


The Business and Outreach Department is taking advantage of the resources we have available in our current situation, and improving our presence online. On top of

a photo of the new website the business and outreach department has been working on

publishing additional resources for other teams (including our past awards submissions), we have recently been hard at work updating the website to be both

more modern, and have a better overall aesthetic. We have also been working on the logistics and planning for a series of YouTube tutorials covering FRC Business-related topics, including graphic design, and preparing a Chairman’s Award submission. Behind the scenes, we have kept up with reorganization of our team’s documents and files, and are working to optimize our social media with more frequent posting, as well as adding IFTTT integrations. Keep an eye out for these in the near future!


Beginning in April, our Design Team has been working to produce (through 3D printing) face shields for healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID19 pandemic. Design has also been able to run Solidworks Visualize rendering training during this time. As of late April, the Design Team has been running “Deep Dive” meetings, looking in-depth at the design features of robots, starting with our 2020 robot, Artemis.


Our Software Department has been running remote, online training sessions during this time. Software has been working on training new trainers, as well as continuing to work individually with younger students to ensure that they can become the future leaders of the department. Additionally, Software has taken a fresh look at the curriculum for the training, generating and developing ideas for concepts to be taught over the summer and fall season. Software plans to continue training over the summer. Members of the Software Department have also started a new Processing-based outreach program, focused on teaching introductory coding skills to 6-8th grade students at our school.

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