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On Saturday, Team 2485 participated in Battle at the Border, an off-season competition hosted by Francis Parker School’s W.A.R. Lords, Cathedral Catholic High School’s Pacific Steel, and the Holy Cows from High Tech High. We competed with two robots: Maverick and Grace. Maverick is the robot our team used to compete throughout the past season, while Grace is a newer robot that was constructed with the intent to test improvements to Mavericks design.

Both bots did well during the qualification matches. Maverick happily accepted its invitation from Team 5199, Robot Dolphins from Outer Space from Orange County, to join the 6th Alliance along with Team 1266, the Devil Duckies from San Diego. Maverick was eliminated when its alliance lost, but Grace remained in the game.

Team 6560, the Charging Champions from Irvine, and Team 3647, the Millennium Falcons from Torrey Pines High School, chose Grace to join the 3rd Alliance. We fought fiercely. Team 6560 and Team 3647 scored balls in the upper hub while we shot and defended. Our alliance made it to the finals and competed against the 1st Alliance. After some intense matches, we were defeated.

The W.A.R. Lords played very well. While older team members were reintroduced to competitions and mentors aided our students, new members got their first taste of what FIRST is all about. We had so much fun this past weekend and can’t wait for the new season to start!

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