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Team 2485 has had an exciting start to the year! Our new members have been working hard on training with mentors and returning students in preparation for the build season.

A fun event that we started the year off with was our WOW Shop Night. During this night, an all-girls Shop 102, taught by experienced upper-classmen, was followed by dinner and a movie.

We helped organize the off-season competition, Battle at the Border, where we interacted, competed, and had fun with many teams throughout southern California. Although our alliance didn’t win, we did very well. Our new members learned a lot, from fixing the robot quickly, to being a team player and a good sport.

The W.A.R. Lords also bonded and worked on critical robotics skills during various activities and games that took place during our annual team overnight.

Lastly, it was an honor to host the FLL and FTC competitions at Francis Parker in which many of our team members volunteered. As fall comes to an end, Team 2485 can’t wait for the new season to begin!

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