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Last Friday, Team 2485 unveiled our 2020 competition robot, Artemis, and celebrated the end of the official “build season” at our first Robot Reveal for family members, community members, and sponsors. Following this presentation, additional presentation stations were run by our Business and Outreach Department, our Strategy sub-department, our Design sub-department, and our WOW leadership. We would like to thank our sponsors for attending this event if able, and for their support this season, which so far has been a massive success. Team 2485 will be making its first competition appearance from March 6-8th at the Del Mar Regional Competition at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The W.A.R. Lords will also be competing in the Idaho Regional Competition at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa, Idaho from March 26-28th. These competitions can be streamed online at

This post concludes our weekly Build Season Update blog series for the 2020 season, but more updates will be coming as we compete in the coming weeks.

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